The Value of High School Activities

by Michael Garcia on September 23, 2014

Did you know that:

  • Most high school students traditionally and today participate in one or more co-curricular activities in high school. 
  • These activities offer for most, once in a lifetime chances to do things they may never have the chance to do again. 
  • These activities teach lifelong lessons that supplement what students learn in the classroom. 
  • And students that participate in these activities have proven to be far more dependable and successful in and after high school.

These facts just scratch the surface of the value of high school arts and athletics and as such, they are not only worth keeping, but they are worth keeping strong.

Everything that you do as a school and a program should be geared toward capitalizing on this (in most cases) unrealized value and complementary and most memorable education that is your arts and athletic program experience.

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