Better Booster Clubs:
How to Harness the Power of Booster Clubs to Attract More Money, Volunteers Students and Success to Your High School Activity, Activities, School or Schools

This special e-book is designed to help high school administrators, foundation, development, athletic and activity directors; coaches and booster club board members better understand the value and unrealized value of high school co-curricular activities and to learn how to tap into this incredible wealth of unrealized potential through the better organization, operation and utilization of booster clubs which can help to attract substantially more money, students and success to their co-curricular programs and schools each and every year.

This special e-book is comprised of 12 chapters and 200+ pages organized into 4 major sections that will walk you through step-by-step how to build better booster clubs in simple, immediate action oriented and amazingly beneficial steps.


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Better Booster Clubs Fund Raising:
How to Raise Substantially More Money With Less Work and Worry Each Year

Most booster clubs today rely on gimmicks, gaming, door-to-door sales and various other nickel and dime type activities and events to raise funds for their cause. Unfortunately though, these types of activities and events have proven to be among the most labor intensive and least efficient ways to raise funds for any cause. In short, there definitely are better, simpler, more straightforward, successful, sustainable and scalable ways to go about raising funds. And this e-book will explain them all in detail for you.

It really is possible to raise more, to do and work less and to grow your giving substantially each and every year. Grab a copy of this e-book to learn how.


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Better Booster Clubs Organization:
How to Organize or Reorganize Your Booster Club(s) for Great or Greater Success

Boosters clubs have a tremendous amount of unrealized potential, potential that they could readily realize if they simply organized or reorganized themselves in a way that would force them to focus on doing all of the right things really, really well. Grab a copy of this special e-Book and learn how to organize and operate your booster club or clubs for improved and sustained success!


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