PocketAD: A New App for AD’s

by Michael Garcia on June 6, 2014

Check out this new app that has been created by AD’s, for AD’s to help manage their high school activities in an efficient and productive way. Put time back on your AD's calendar with this app!

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Available now on the Itunes App Store - an app to maximize productivity for athletic directors. Like our page and email us to learn more.


We’re an experienced team made up of athletic directors, designers and developers, who’s goal is to use technology to maximize productivity for those working in sports. We understand the workload, the demands, the long hours and the stress associated with being an athletic director. PocketAD is a tool to relieve some of those pressures, while encouraging the use of best practices and to help all administrators provide a climate of mutual respect and understanding for all athletic participants.

We will be continually adding features to this app to best suit your needs.


Automate your coach evaluation process and drive higher coaching performance with this easy to use solution for performing practice walkthroughs, game observations and season evaluations. Give numeric ratings, make notes and give feedback. Then, send the results directly to your coach and/or save them for future reference – all while saving time, being consistent and more organized.

Checklists pre-filled with tasks necessary for athletic directors to perform in order to create a safe and quality athletic department for coaches and student-athletes to succeed.

We will continuously be adding features that Athletic Directors need, including more forms, information on health, safety, rules, fundraising and more! We welcome feedback, so let us know what information you want added to the app.

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