Focus on the Future

by Michael Garcia on October 21, 2014

While alumni and parents of alumni are the key to keeping past successes and traditions alive along with growing the financial success of your co-curricular programs and school, the future of your schools’ activities and school also depends on a constant and ideally steadily growing stream of students and program participants. 

And in order to keep these numbers consistently constant and ideally growing from year to year, there should be a heavy focus on the cultivation of future students and program participants for the arts and athletic activities of your school

Again, this isn’t something that most schools and their activities do particularly well which is another HUGE missed opportunity.

Many administrators and individual program coaches and directors are content with the number of students they have in their programs. But they could do so much better. And it doesn’t take a lot of time if they use others to help with this.  That’s where better booster clubs come in.

To find out how to you can utilize booster clubs to create successful youth pipelines, fill out the information to the right and receive a free report entitled:

12 Steps to Attracting More Money, Students and Success to Your High School Arts and Athletic Activities and School(s)”

It will help you to start thinking about the future of your programs and how you can set yourself up for sustainable success.

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