Insurance and FundraisingRecently, Better Booster Clubs spoke at a school district seminar where the main topics covered were insurance and fundraising. These two seemingly different topics are actually closely linked, especially when speaking from a school district’s standpoint, and here’s why:

Social MediaGetting the word out on social media can be a great means of communication and community building for any booster club! Learn more by clicking the video below:

InstagramBetter Booster Clubs is excited to share our first guest blog post! This topic and article on social media and booster clubs comes from Leigh Fontana, executive board member of the Northland Christian Athletic Booster Club out of Houston, TX, and is also in charge of the club’s various social media accounts. Social media, whether you love it or hate it, should be embraced and utilized by all booster clubs because it is an easy and effective way to communicate to and build community and buzz around your program, as Leigh’s below article will demonstrate with her examples and experiences.

When you are just starting your booster club or looking to redefine it you should start with your booster club name and organizational mission. Choosing a Name Choose a name for your high school booster group that clearly identifies your nickname and/or school, the activity you are supporting and your club name. For example

In the below recent opinion article, Rich Copley talks about how schools and districts are doing a disservice to students and to their community when the budgets for the arts are the first to go. When the budget gets cut, what would be the first to go at your school?

Change is a word that strikes fear in our hearts and causes many to cringe at what it could mean. In the words of Coach Boone, played by Denzel Washington in the movie Remember the Titans, as he takes his team through conditioning drills at the beginning of their team camp he says, “Everything we’re gonna do is changing. We are change. We’re gonna change the way we run. We’re gonna change the way we eat. We’re gonna change the way we block. We’re gonna change the way we tackle. We’re gonna change the way we win.”

The article below from CNBC gives great insight to the rapidly changing climate of youth sports. The specialization and sports clubs that more and more kids are opting for is especially interesting. The heavy price tag associated with these activities, in light of the rates of actually becoming professional athletes is astounding and speaks to the lengths families will go to ensure that their child is getting the best opportunity to be successful in their chosen sport…

It’s Valentine’s Day Blog Edition at Better Booster Clubs and the question is, “Would you date your booster club?” Clearly, when talking relationships, there are certain criteria that must be met to ensure that you will have a lasting, faithful, fruitful, and enjoyable time together. Below are the questions that you should ask yourself at any point in a relationship with your booster club to ensure that you have found “the one”….

Ever wonder what kind of success schools and programs can have when booster clubs are organized, and AD’s, coaches and booster boards are united in their vision of thinking big and demanding excellence? Take some time to read the article below and you will “get it” too…

Most booster groups work incredibly hard—too hard today, but by focusing on doing a few of the right things really, really well, you can actually work less, keep people fresh and achieve much more for the high school arts or athletics activity that you seek to support.