Change is a word that strikes fear in our hearts and causes many to cringe at what it could mean. In the words of Coach Boone, played by Denzel Washington in the movie Remember the Titans, as he takes his team through conditioning drills at the beginning of their team camp he says, “Everything we’re gonna do is changing. We are change. We’re gonna change the way we run. We’re gonna change the way we eat. We’re gonna change the way we block. We’re gonna change the way we tackle. We’re gonna change the way we win.”

Funding should never prevent a family or a child from participating in an activity of their choice. Things do cost money but that is why booster clubs exist…not to double charge families, but to sustainably raise the requisite funds that will allow each child an opportunity to participate and garner the unparalleled benefits that arts and athletics provide.

In the spirit of March Madness and as the Wizard of Westwood, or legendary player and coach John Wooden, said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” The truth in this saying spans far beyond the game of basketball and can apply to most all situations in life. From a booster club perspective, the application of this saying couldn’t be more appropriate and, in talking with booster clubs around the nation, could be used a lot more.

When it comes to budgets at the high school level, the only sure thing that schools can count on as each year passes is a dearth of surplus and potential cuts. Whether staff or faculty positions are cut to reduce overhead, or activities and extra-curricular programs are threatened to shut down due to funding being taken away, having a sustainable budget is a rarity.

Facility upgrades tend to be a looming issue for many schools and school districts around the country. The below article, “Aiken county athletic directors list high school facility needs,” talks about how a South Carolina county is facing multiple proposed facility upgrades from many schools in the area, coming in at very steep prices. The School Board is divided in support of the issue and other needs will likely trump the timeliness and feasibility of the upgrades

Focus on the Future

by Michael Garcia on October 21, 2014

While alumni and parents of alumni are the key to keeping past successes and traditions alive along with growing the financial success of your co-curricular programs and school, the future of your schools’ activities and school also depends on a constant and ideally steadily growing stream of students and program participants.


by Michael Garcia on October 7, 2014

The month of September and October is “homecoming time” in high schools across the country…a time when alumni are traditionally invited home and celebrated as part of the family. Yet, how many high schools and high school arts and athletic activities actually do this today or, in other ways, continue to regularly involve and engage alumni and parents of alumni and celebrate them as part of the school family?

Did you know that: Most high school students traditionally and today participate in one or more co-curricular activities in high school? Did you also know that students that participate in these activities have proven to be far more dependable and successful in and after high school?

Back to School Introductions

by Michael Garcia on September 12, 2014

The first day of school is always exciting. Old and new friends, classmates, new teachers and new classes. There is an anxiousness of the unknown but an excitement of what the year will bring. But it all starts with introductions.

It is back to school season and that means booster clubs are gearing up for another year of boosting the art or athletic program they support to new heights…or are they? Unfortunately, most booster clubs suffer from leadership turnover which puts pressure on the new booster club regime to essentially start from scratch each year or every other.