Alumni: Your Booster Club’s Sleeping Giant – Part 2 of 2

by Michael Garcia on May 2, 2014

Alumni: Your Booster Club’s Sleeping Giant – Part 2 of 2

4 ways on HOW to nurture alumni relationships:

How does a school, booster club or arts or athletic program go about (re)capturing, cultivating and communicating with alumni and their parents? Programs can barely keep up their fragmented, traveling excel document of current participants and parents, let alone names and rosters of past alums and their parents. Below are 4 ways on how to nurture alumni relationships for your programs’ success.

  1. Participate in the Better Booster Club Comprehensive e-Course:

It all starts by doing things differently and changing your approach to booster clubs. This course will not only show you the road map to organizing your booster club in the right committees, including an alumni committee, but will also take you through how your alumni should be a part of the membership and advertising drives that are done on a yearly basis. More than that, the e-Course has a section on how to build your alumni, prospect and constituent list quickly and inexpensively. This e-Course is the key to your programs’ sustainable success and will teach your booster clubs to involve and connect with alumni and their parents, year after year, so the process is easily passed down.

  1. Invest in a booster club database:

Once you have the e-Course, you get a 6-month risk free money back guarantee trial for your programs’ own online booster club database. In this database system we have interlinked our Better Booster Club process so that administering the different membership, advertising and volunteer drives, along with a host of other valuable booster club functionalities, can be done automatically while removing the pain and guesswork normally associated with booster clubs. It truly is the tool for the future of booster clubs and all the arts and athletic programs they support. This database is able to house as many business and contacts (past alumni, present and future) you can feed into it, making it a one-stop-shop for booster club members, year after year, booster board after booster board.

  1. Build your alumni list:

Alumni cultivation and solicitation starts with each art or athletic activity building their list of people who are or have been part of the program in the past. Again, this activity specific list is far better than a general school list because, at the end of the day, donors like giving to specific interests where they can see their money making a difference rather than give their money to a general club that pools the money. It is clear that in order to maximize financial gifts, activity specific requests and solicitations are essential. A school can still have an over-arching booster club, but it must mandate that each program build, maintain and cultivate their own lists for the best and most sustainable results.

  1. Follow the Better Booster Club Process:

If you do, we can guarantee that you will make more money with less work each and every year, and you will instantly see a change in on-field or on-stage performance and in the culture surrounding your program. We know this because we’ve done it, we’ve seen it done, and it’s just a matter of implementing and mandating the process found in our Comprehensive e-Course, utilizing the database, and watching your program transform from wherever it is now to forever better. Less time and work for more money and success…We’re excited to help!

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