3 Questions Your Booster Club Should Ask Itself This Summer

by Michael Garcia on June 13, 2014

School is out and summer vacation is here! Summer camps, summer workouts and summer jobs are in full force and you and your booster club may not even be thinking about next year or next season. If your booster club hasn’t asked itself these three questions prior to summer, now is a great time to reflect and, more importantly, act on the answers you and your organization find.

1) How can we improve?

One of the biggest obstacles booster clubs face is an honest evaluation of themselves and how they run their organization. Because booster clubs are run by volunteers, despite being the lifeblood of the team or program that it supports, they tend to be neglected when it comes to improvement and potential change.

While we don’t advocate for booster club full time jobs, we know that every booster club, whether they are making $1 or $1 million dollars a year, can always improve. And each booster club that we have talked to over the past year can do a lot of improving.

2) Do we have enough money to do the things we want to do in the coming year?

Money is a big issue when it comes to booster clubs and high school arts and athletics. Booster club resources are the difference between going to a tournament or camp and staying home; getting new jerseys and equipment, or roughing it for another year. If you’re asking if you will have enough money next year, that in itself is a red flag. It doesn’t need to and shouldn’t be that way if you are doing the right things and cutting out all the small events and fundraisers that cause more harm than good.

Instead of asking, “Do we have enough?” you should be saying, “How are we going to spend all of this?”… And if you’re not, a couple fundamental changes can make that happen.

3) Are we boosting our program not only financially, but are we also seeing a positive boost in our kids’ performances?

It is common to think that all booster clubs care about is money. While money is a big part of what booster clubs do, an arguably even bigger part of what booster clubs should be doing is boosting the on-field and performance success. Money for a program is great, but creating a program that continuously wins and is successful by personal and societal standards is at the core of what a booster club should be.

Successful seasons and performances in arts and athletics are much more meaningful and memorable compared with losing or mediocre ones. And a booster club can and should transform the culture of your program to one of sustainable success.

Pose these questions to your booster clubs this summer and take action to transform your kids’ lives through transforming their booster clubs.

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