About Us

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh, the firm’s founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, was a four-sport athlete in high school, participated in chorus, musicals and was president of his class. His boys chorus, which involved 120 guys, half the male population in the school, recorded albums, went on an annual tour, sang for the Vice President in the White House and opened the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC his senior year. In football, his teams never lost a game, won state championships in all of his four years and his high school coach was named National High School Coach of the Year his senior year.

In and after college, Michael was a successful elementary, middle and high school football coach with a combined win-loss record of 31-4. He served as Development Director, responsible for all fundraising, public relations and marketing/recruitment activities for a private, parochial school before starting his own consulting business in 1984. Since that time, Michael has worked with over 400 groups and helped them raise over $500 million.

Several years ago, Michael was asked by his son’s high school football coach to help out with their booster club, which had ACTUALLY LOST $3,000 the year before. He suggested they do things differently, that they cut back in some areas and expand their efforts in others. He promised it would result in raising more funds and attracting more participants and fans – all with a lot less work and worry each year.

In the first year alone, and in just a few weeks, they raised almost $53,000 more than they had the year before. And today, that same program is raising so much money that they literally can’t spend it all. Program participants have increased significantly. So have the number of fans in the stands. But perhaps the most rewarding thing for Michael was to see the program begin winning, which many feel was due in large part to newfound resources the program had and the winning culture that was created through the booster clubs’ efforts.



Michael Garcia

Michael Garcia, the firm’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, is a modern day “Rudy” of sorts, and was a student at and walk-on football player for the Fighting Irish at the University of Notre Dame, where he played for three seasons and eventually made the travel roster and played on special teams.

During his time at Notre Dame, Mike also learned about the value and “how to” of building and maintaining a brand of “excellence” and how this can positively impact a young person’s life for life and also ultimately result in attracting more students, friends, fans, volunteers, money and success to co-curricular programs and a school.

In high school, Michael was a standout three-sport athlete and was also involved in clubs, student government and other activities. In football, his teams went to state two out of his four years. In basketball his teams went to state three out of his four years, headlined by an “Elite Eight” run his junior year, the deepest their boys’ basketball program had ever been. In track and field, Michael placed 6th at state in the long jump.

While in high school, Michael was able to witness the transformation of their school’s entire high school athletic program due to the advent of three new fields: a practice grass soccer field; a full-size baseball diamond with dugouts, stands, and scoreboard; and a new football field with state-of-the-art field turf, surrounding track, lights, scoreboard, pole-vault/long jump pit, press box facility, and built-in concession stand. He feels fortunate to have been intimately involved with and partaken in that transformation and can give testament to the positive impact that this had on his school’s athletic program, the players, him personally and school performance and pride.

He credits his high school experience with helping him to realize his college dreams and attend and graduate from the college of his dreams, which, all-in-all, taught him some valuable life lessons that continue to propel and serve him well today.



John Ondrey

John Ondrey, our company’s Digital Specialist, also attended a high school that was not only exceptional academically, but also had a revered arts and athletic program where he participated in baseball and football. The football program, in particular, started to flourish during John’s high school days and has since become a powerhouse, winning several state championships and even opting to move to the highest class to compete with the largest schools in the state, despite having themselves significantly less enrollment. So John was a firsthand witness to the important building blocks of a successful program and knows what it takes to get and stay there.

During his junior year, the football program started to see a positive transformation after the completion of a new football stadium with ample bleacher seats, state-of-the-art drainage system, lush grass, press boxes, concessions, entry gates and more. Pregame meals, post-game parties, summer football camps, new uniforms and equipment also became the norm, and all of this was made possible through the increased generosity of parents, alumni and others, which he felt was instrumental in transforming people’s perception of the program, ultimately resulting in a transformation both to the program’s performance and its participants’ lives.